Kn95 mask CE



how to byJun 15, 2020

I dont accept the saying that the more expensive the product is, the better the product is. I also dont accept that there are no excellent products in the products replaced by the cheaper price. But it is certain that the success of the brand cannot be separated from the good stories and good products. The big brands invest in the advertising expenses and the marketing promotion accounts for a large proportion, forming the brand effect. Compared with the big brand products, the peace price products are guaranteed.
As a cosmetic user, the price difference between brand products is very large. From a few cents to a hundred yuan mask, cheap lipstick to luxury brand lipstick, many times it is difficult to distinguish the good from bad. People just follow suit. The difference in raw material, technology and formula between cosmetics and OEM OEM products is very different. How can we distinguish the quality of products from the difference between big brands and parity products?

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